Become a TOPRA Fellow

TOPRA Members with at least 10 years of experience in regulatory affairs and who have made a significant contribution to the profession can be nominated by their peers to become Fellows.

When can I apply?

You can apply at any time of the year and your application will be put forward to the Fellowship Appointment Panel. All approved applications are put forward to the Board, who meet every two months.

What are the next steps?

The Fellowship Appointment Panel reviews all nominations and puts forward candidates to the Board for ratification.

Those accepted for Fellowship have all the benefits of membership, including voting rights, and are entitled to use the designation FTOPRA.

What are the criteria?

  1. 10 years RA experience
  2. Evidence of significant contribution to the profession
  3. Two referees (1 TOPRA member + 1 Fellow or 1 TOPRA Member + 1 TOPRA Member with at least 10 years RA experience*)

If you do not know any current Fellows, see our list of current TOPRA Fellows  (member-only access). Alternatively, please email TOPRA’s Membership team.

Please note, the criteria linked to referees has been updated in 2021 to allow applications to be supported by 2 TOPRA Members, instead of 1 TOPRA Member + 1 TOPRA Fellow. If you apply with 2 TOPRA Members as your referees, please make sure 1 of those TOPRA Members has at least 10 years’ RA experience.

Key area of the application – contribution to the profession

This example gives an indication on the type of information to include in your evidence of contribution to the profession:

Activity / contribution to the profession
How often and over what time period was the activity performed? 
How did this activity make an impact on the profession? 
Demonstrate how this was outside your expected job role 
Lecturing on TOPRA MSC Module 
For the last 5 years 
Training of about 40 regulatory professionals to help them achieve a qualification and / or give skills and up to date knowledge in an emerging area of regulation 
Lectures prepared in my own time and work for TOPRA as a volunteer 

Guidelines for Referees

  • Please make sure your membership is up to date
  • Please review a candidate’s application thoroughly before signing.
  • Please proofread for punctuation, spelling errors and consistent formatting

  • Do I need to pay an administration fee for a Fellowship application?

    No, we currently do not charge any administration fees for Fellowship. All Fellows must renew their membership each year as per registered members/members.

    Niamh Lawler-TurnerFor me, being a Fellow of TOPRA is recognition of my voluntary contribution to the profession, both as a Board member and as a Working Party member . ... If you felt that somebody deserves this achievement, I would strongly recommend nominating your colleague.”


    – Niamh Lawler-Turner, FTOPRA

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    Download your application forms

  • TOPRA Fellow Application  (PDF)
  • TOPRA Fellow Application (Word)
  • TOPRA Applicants Guidance Notes

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