TOPRA Strategic Plan 2020–2025


Let us go forward together

I am delighted to present TOPRA’s Strategic Plan for the next five years, from 2020 to 2025. This is the culmination of a huge collaborative effort by the Board and Executive Team - something of which we are all justifiably proud.

Our ambition is that TOPRA remains as relevant, vibrant and strong, if not more so, when we celebrate our 50th anniversary in 2028. In seeking to ensure the enduring vitality of TOPRA as The Organisation for Professionals in Regulatory Affairs, we aim to:

  • Build on our highly regarded heritage of support for skills development and driving professional excellence
  • Adapt in response to a complex, dynamically evolving environment
  • Continue to be a fit-for-purpose membership body, focused on enabling and promoting the very best that the healthcare regulatory profession has to offer.

Overall, members and stakeholders should expect to see us:

  • Doing more of what we do best
  • Doing new things consistent with our core purpose and values
  • All the while, continuing to operate a sound, not-for-profit business: sustaining day-to-day operations and investing in future opportunities.

By fostering a willingness to adapt and encouraging a healthy appetite for change, our refreshed strategy – evolution rather than revolution – provides impetus to achieving our goals.

I would encourage everyone to join us in playing a part, however large or small, in delivering the ongoing success to which we all aspire.

Steve Hayes TOPRA President 2020

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