TOPRA partners with EUPATI to support patient involvement in healthcare regulatory affairs  

Posted on 26 January 2024

TOPRA (The Organisation for Professionals in Regulatory Affairs) is pleased to announce its partnership with The European Patients’ Academy of Therapeutic Innovation (EUPATI). 

TOPRA is the global membership organisation for professionals working in healthcare regulatory affairs, while EUPATI is a membership organisation that represents patients to key stakeholders, such as governments, healthcare systems and regulators.

Through their shared interest in enhancing patient involvement in regulatory affairs, this partnership presents an ideal opportunity for TOPRA and EUPATI to collaborate on a wide range of initiatives that will support their respective spheres within healthcare, but also make a huge contribution beyond it. Such initiatives will include the provision of education and training, as well as awareness raising of the important role of patient engagement and regulatory affairs in the research and development (R&D) lifecycle of medicines. 

Kevin Pay, TOPRA Chief Executive, said: “We believe that collaborating with like-minded organisations will amplify our positive impact on healthcare regulatory affairs, and ultimately patient welfare. That is why I am incredibly pleased to announce our partnership with EUPATI, and share my excitement at working with their team on future initiatives that will help us deliver on our shared objectives.”

Maria Dutarte, EUPATI Executive Director, said: “This newly launched collaboration with TOPRA is significant in many ways. I am confident that this partnership will result in new educational opportunities for both patients and professionals from the regulatory field, bringing about increased awareness of the importance of meaningful patient engagement.”