TOPRA is your professional membership organisation – with a proud history of being led by regulatory professionals for regulatory professionals. There are many ways you can participate and contribute.


Important information for volunteers

Volunteering opportunities are for TOPRA members only. And there are obligations that volunteers need to consider - see the information document below. Please see our Volunteering for TOPRA (PDF) document to find out how volunteers are selected, and the rewards and responsibilities of being a volunteer.

Unfortunately we cannot offer work experience in regulatory affairs

Why volunteer for TOPRA?

We value our volunteers whoever they are, no matter how much or how little time they can give to steering, supporting and shaping TOPRA’s wide range of activities.

Benefits of volunteering

  • Signing up to be a TOPRA volunteer will increase your technical knowledge, extend your network of contacts and develop your skills.
  • Our volunteers come from all areas of the industry and believe their participation in this way is essential to developing their careers.
  • Members who actively participate in TOPRA activities find that their personal profiles are raised in the regulatory profession by their interactions on committees or by having their name in print in a journal or other publication.
  • Many volunteer activities bring people into contact with new information and leading figures in the regulatory world. Relationships formed in the TOPRA environment lead to an individual having a network for support and information throughout their professional career.
  • Participating in a committee can teach and enhance team-working or chairing skills, helping individuals attain their personal goals for continuing professional development.
  • Volunteers can participate in working parties or committees or speak at conferences. Members can also contribute by writing articles on their particular areas of expertise.
  • All the above activities can be considered as continuing professional development. You can record your CPD hours on our online CPD recording tool. All CPD hours contribute to verifying your MTOPRA designation.

Benefits for employers

  • TOPRA volunteers who speak on training courses become known as experts in the field, bringing kudos to their company as well as themselves.
  • The increased personal network of TOPRA volunteers means that they have access to ideas and information outside of the corporate culture as well as increased opportunities to establish and cultivate strong professional relationships, which can increase the success of future regulatory applications.
  • Companies with well-developed CPD programmes find that TOPRA activities give greater opportunity for employees to meet their development goals.
  • TOPRA enjoys close relationships with other leading professional bodies, and opportunities to attend industry events as guests of TOPRA are sometimes available.

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