Rhona Banks | TOPRA Awards Judge

Veterinary Biologicals Consultant, RA-Elect, UK

Rhona worked at Beecham Pharmaceuticals as an R+D scientist on various animal health projects for 12 years. She joined the Veterinary Medicines Directorate in 1996 and carried out assessments of vaccines for Marketing Authorisations and inspected vaccine production sites.

Following this Rhona joined Fort Dodge Animal Health where she had the responsibility for overseeing the development and registration of all the FDAH vaccines in the EU.

In 2007 Rhona joined Triveritas as the Director of Regulatory Affairs and in this role provided consultancy services for many animal health companies (large and small) developing and registering vaccines in the EU.

In 2013 she started her own independent consultancy business, RA-Elect, and currently provides expert advice and specialized reports for companies on all aspects of veterinary vaccines and biological products for registration in the EU.

She was awarded Fellowship status by TOPRA and by the Royal Society of Biology in 2014.

"As a previous winner of a TOPRA Support Award I know how honoured I felt at the time and how valuable the TOPRA Awards are for the Regulatory profession" – Rhona Banks

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